About Us

Operating from a modern manufacturing facility in Rotherham, MGB Plastics has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 2 million wheeled bins per annum. In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins, kerbside caddies, and kitchen caddies, we have a dedicated household distribution team that has been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 5 million wheeled bins to households throughout the UK. MGB offers class leading lead times and customer flexibility. MGB Plastics Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of One Plastics Group. For further information on OnePlastics Group, please visit the website at www.oneplastics.com.

About MGB Plastics - Manufacturing


MGB Plastics is the UK's largest and leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and kitchen caddies. As a result of our production capacity, we are able to offer customers the quickest lead times in the UK.
 Operating from a large, modern manufacturing facility of approximately 5,000m2, MGB uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that only bins of the highest quality are produced. All products can be customised and are available in a range of sizes and colours, with a selection of optional extras. Our plant is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

About MGB Plastics - Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

MGB embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement and innovative designs to ensure that we maintain our position as the market leading manufacturer of wheeled bins and kitchen caddies in the UK. We are actively involved in research and development to ensure that we lead advances in products, tooling and machinery. We recycle our own scrap on site, and we are a zero-scrap-operating facility.

About MGB Plastics - Our Location

Our Location

We believe that our central location in the UK, together with our advanced manufacturing techniques, allows us to provide our customers with the most cost effective solutions, whilst minimising the carbon footprint of our products. MGB has a large on-site storage facility, allowing us to flex customer deliveries to suit.

About MGB Plastics - Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

All aspects of the process are optimised to reduce the wheeled bins' carbon footprint from the use of recycled material, energy efficient machinery and the effective use of transport. Investment in the most modern equipment has drastically reduced our energy consumption. We recycle all of our own factory-generated scrap on-site, and we are a zero-scrap-operating facility.

About MGB Plastics - Market Sectors

Market Sectors

MGB supplies wheeled bins and caddies to local authorities, private companies and individuals throughout the UK, Ireland, and Europe. We specialise in tailoring our solutions and contract management style to the requirements of our customers.