Our Process

At MGB Plastics, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but the best products to our clients. To ensure this, we follow the simple process laid out below, in which we take all factors of our business into account, from our environmental policy, to giving clients a fully customisable product delivered direct to their door.

Our Process - 1. Recycling

Reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Process - 1. Production

One bin manufactured every minute.

Our Process - 3. Customisation

Each bin customised to your specification.

Our Process - 4. Quality Control

Ensuring the best product is delivered.

Our Process - 5. Drop Test

Bins filled with 100kg & dropped 4 times.

Our Process - 6. Unique Delivery Service

From factory floor, straight to your door.

Our Process - 6. Top-Up Orders

First turnaround top-up wheelie bins.