MGB Plastics Winners in Barnsley and Rotherham Awards

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Nov 13
2014 has been a winning year for MGB Plastics, and we were delighted to accept to coveted Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber Excellence in Manufacturing award. Talking to the Sheffield Star, general manager Ross Schofield credited the whole team for the win: I am delighted to receive this award on behalf of the whole team at MGB. It is the perfect culmination to a very successful year, which as always is down to the people. It is often glibly said that a company’s best asset is its people and I firmly believe this – and feel very lucky to have such a dedicated and committed team at MGB.” Read more at the Sheffield Star website  

Barnsley and Rotherham Business Awards Finalist

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Oct 01
MGB Plastics is delighted to reveal that it has been nominated as a finalist in the Barnsley and Rotherham Business Awards. More than 100 entries were submitted for the prestigious annual awards, which are organised by the Barnsley and Rotherham Chamber of Commerce and run in association with Solar Europa, and will take place in Barnsley this year for the first time. MGB Plastics’ investment in new state-of-the-art equipment, training initiatives and enhanced green credentials has seen them rewarded with a place on the final shortlist for the Brook Corporate Developments Excellence in Manufacturing Award. The company, which is Britain’s largest manufacturer of wheeled bins, has enjoyed major improvements in recent times and will be hoping to mark this development with the Chamber of Commerce award. MGB General Manager Ross Schofield commented: We are very pleased to reach the finalists in the award category, its testament to the huge changes & improvements that have been made across the business in the last 3 years Awards chief executive Andrew Denniff said: Not only have the numbers of entries exceeded our expectations, but the quality has meant short-listing for our judges has made for some difficult decision making, even before the winners […]

Lambeth Project

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Aug 27
During September-October 2013, MGB Plastics delivered on schedule to residents addresses, in the busy London Borough of Lambeth some 41,000 x 2 wheeled bins. At the same time MGB Plastics had to collect all 240L bins that the 140L bins were replacing. The 240L bins were recycled by MGB Plastics and in a closed loop system were eventually being redelivered in the new 140L bins. This recycling practice is one of MGB Plastics many services offering sustainability and energy efficiencies. MGB General Manager Ross Schofield managed the project & added: This was a particularly challenging project on paper due to the complexity of collecting old wheeled bins & replacing them with a very address specific size of new bin & caddies, however following several detailed planning sessions between all parties involved the project achieved excellent accuracy levels & was completed on time to the delight of the client. Furthermore this project was fantastic for ‘Green Credentials’ as we collected & recycled several hundred tonnes of plastic, all under the control of MGB

Serco Project in Wycombe & Chiltern

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Aug 27
MGB Plastics successfully won a large tender from waste contractor Serco during the summer of 2013, to supply a new suite of bins to the residents of Wycombe & Chiltern. This involved the supply and delivery of 125,000 x 2 wheeled bins, at the same time delivering some 77,000 kerbside and Kitchen recycling containers. This was spread over a large mixed Rural & urban community, and the new service started on schedule resulting in the clients dramatic rise in recycling rates. The rollout & bin production was finished on time & was a resounding success MGB General Manager Ross Schofield was delighted with how the project was executed. On time & to the satisfaction of a large & important client. MGB were a key & sensitive contact between the local authority & waste contractor, constantly flexing our solution to suit all parties. All of which meant that we were able to produce & deliver on schedule over 650,000 bins & caddies along with delivery literature

MGB success at Birmingham

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Jun 23
In early 2014 MGB Plastics, the UK’s largest manufacturer of wheeled bins was awarded the prestigious contract to rollout a full suite of 180L, 240L & 360L wheeled bins & distribute caddies to the whole City of Birmingham. MGB were delighted with the award after a very competitive Europe wide Tender process. The project will involve the production, distribution & project management of around 1 million bins & caddies across the whole of the UK’s 2nd largest city over the next 2 years. The project is to be split into 4 distinct & manageable project phases. The City of Birmingham had no wheeled bins prior to this contract award, & the rollout will enable the council to dramatically increase rates of recycling & reduce landfill. MGB have forged a successful & professional working relationship with the council based on regular planning & implementation meetings. MGB have successfully flexed to meet the requirements of the council & worked with them to develop solutions including database management & RFID tag scanning software/ hardware. MGB worked together with the council to schedule in stock to the councils delivery hub, & meticulously planned the subsequent professional stock handling & distribution on the first phase […]

New business development managers

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Jun 02
MGB Plastics Limited is delighted to announce that it has hired two new business development managers for 2010. Gary Rolls will be MGB Plastics’ representative in the south east and west of the UK while David Wilson will cover the West and North West of the UK including Wales. Both Gary and David have a wealth of experience in the wheeled bin industry and increases MGB Plastics’ presence across the UK. Commenting on the new Business Development Managers, MGB Plastics General Manager, Conor Sugrue says “We are delighted that have both Gary and David have decided to join MGB. We believe that their experience and enthusiasm will enhance the team at MGB and allow us to maintain our position as the UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins. Both Gary and David are also very excited about the new range of kitchen caddies and kerbside boxes being launched this year by MGB and are confident that this will be a successful addition to our expanding product range” About MGB Plastics Operating from a modern manufacturing facility in Rotherham, MGB Plastics has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 1 million wheeled bins per annum. In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins and kitchen […]

Recycle your food waste

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Jan 12
The issue of food waste has been a source of debate for many years. However, of recent years, local authorities and environmental campaigners have been placing more emphasis on this issue. It is not surprising when you consider the statistics. The Waste and Resource Action Program (WRAP) suggests that more than 6.7 million tonnes of food is thrown away annually. This means that British people throw away food products that can fill up eight Wembley Stadiums. This surplus food travels straight to the landfill, without being recycled and goes to form part of the 18 million tonnes of household waste which is sent to landfill annually. These figures only take into consideration the food products that are thrown away by households. The program does not count the waste products that are thrown by businesses all over the UK. The program evaluation confirms that for every three shopping bags that go home one end up in the dumping ground or landfill This food waste that is sent to landfill then actually produces methane, which is harmful to the environment and contributes to climate change. In fact, recently Nasa scientists said that methane’s impact on global temperatures was approximately a third higher […]

The importance of recycling

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Dec 14
Recycling has been a primary focus of waste management strategies for local authorities across the UK for many years. As awareness increases, the importance of recycling of every material grows stronger every day. Local authorities could easily hit their sustainability targets by working with more suppliers who use recycled materials in their products. Furthermore, they can help with the economy of the UK by using only British-made products. UK businesses have an extreme number of pressures on them and such activities can help UK manufacturing take a turn for the better. Overseas may have cheaper products, but they are not helping to stimulate the UK economy or be environmentally friendly. All across the country, councillors need to focus on the materials that are in the products. They must have a recycled content target to deliver waste management strategies and ultimately drive the sustainability throughout the country. The only way to properly increase sustainability is through education. Many believe that becoming sustainable costs money when often the opposite is true. Improving resource efficiency doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it can even help councils to generate more money. A culture change is needed that will in turn lead […]

Dedicated visitor centre

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Nov 16
The UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins has invested in a dedicated new visitor centre to help educate local authorities, businesses and schools on the vital everyday role they can play in tackling the UK’s waste management issues. MGB Plastics has opened a new facility at its head office and hopes to connect local councils, business partners and schools across the UK as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The wider aim of the visitor centre is to act as an educational resource for its clients, business partners and schools across the UK by engaging with them via a common theme of waste management. Conor Sugrue, general manager at MGB Plastics, based in Rotherham, said: "Considerable time and money has been invested in a visitor centre that helps people experience and understand the process of how waste management products are created. “It will display our product range and showcase our manufacturing process and quality testing and allows customers to visit our manufacturing site which is the largest in the UK. As a manufacturer, we understand the role we play in helping UK tackle its recycling targets. So, the wider aim is that this visitor centre becomes a facility that […]

Keeping events clean & tidy

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Oct 27
Hundreds of thousands of fans have been helping to keep the country’s biggest sporting and musical events clean and tidy thanks to products supplied by the UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins. MGB Plastics has recently supplied hundreds of its wheelie bins to the UK’s biggest music festivals and sports tournaments. Over the last few months it has supplied the likes of the Isle of Wight festival, the British Golf Open and Cheltenham Gold Cup with its bins being used by fans to keep the area clean and tidy. Conor Sugrue, general manager at MGB Plastics, said: “Thousands of fans regularly attend these events so we are delighted to have supplied our products and play our part in making sure the areas remain clean and free of rubbish. “As the leading manufacturer of wheelie bins in the UK, we are proud of our contribution to tackling the UK’s recycling targets whether our products help homeowners or fans attending events like these because waste management is something which must be addressed at all times.” The news comes after MGB won a major deal to supply hundreds of thousands of waste management products to Serco – one of the biggest operators of […]