Facilities & Plant List

MGB has the most extensive collections of large tonnage injection moulding machines and wheeled bin tools in the UK. This provides customers with peace of mind in the event of a machine or tool breakdown, as orders can be switched between machines, ensuring orders are fulfilled on time. MGB has a large suite of bin body machines, lid machines and additional tools to manufacture the 140 litre, 180 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins. Our 360 litre, 660 litre and 1,100 litre wheelie bins are in addition purchased to supply and distribute throughout the UK.

MGB Plastics Plant List

  • 3 x 2700T Kraus Maffei injection moulding machines - *Brand New*
  • 2 x 2700T Husky injection moulding machines
  • 3 x 1000T Husky injection moulding machines
  • 3 x 800T Negri Bossi injection moulding machines

Recent Investments

MGB's recent investments have allowed us to include a number of brand new embossing machines. We can stamp the lid with a design of the council's choice which can also include a space for numbering. We are able to emboss any design up to A4 in size on both the body and lid of the bin.

We have invested over £10m in the last three years alone to make our UK plant the most efficient and modern wheeled bin manufacturing site in the country. There has also been heavy investment in personnel and training to ensure that our site is effectively maintained and operated.