Ecosort® Recycling Bin

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What is an Ecosort® Recycling Bin?

The EcoSort® Recycling System provides an aesthetic, flexible, functional and easy to use solution for collecting recyclable materials in the workplace. Our EcoSort® range includes a 60-Litre Midi and a 70-Litre Maxi, both of which are completely interchangeable and come with a variety of lid options as well as a wide range of colour and graphical options. This versatility allows for the creation of a truly unique and uniquely customised recycling solution to fit any workplace environment.

Midi in size, Maxi in recycling.

Since the EcoSort® has such a narrow footprint, it is a feasible and practical bin to use indoors, ensuring that products are separated and recycled correctly without the hassle of transporting it to a larger recycling bin.
To allow the easy source separation of all waste materials, two container sizes, six different lid options, and a wide range of accessories are available.
All containers are supplied with matching WRAP approved body and lid labels or can be supplied with optional bespoke graphics and signage.

No touch, no germs, no risk.

In our current climate, minimising non-essential contact is critical. COVID-19 and other germs are distributed primarily by droplets produced by coughing, sneezing, talking and exhaling. Those droplets can then land on nearby objects, and can then transfer from surfaces onto your skin. This is why ensuring minimal contact and general hygiene acts are important practice. The EcoSort® ‘s boasts a number of non-touch lid options- making our recycling bin an excellent solution when it comes to not spreading germs.

Ecosort® Features

  • Non-touch lid options.
  • Aesthetically attractive.
  • Narrow footprint.
  • Trolleys and clip on signs.
  • 6 interchangable lid options.
  • Strong ergonomic handles – easy handling/emptying.
  • Lids are supplied with FOC WRAP approved labels.
  • Colour coded source separation.
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK.
  • Made from tough polypropylene.
  • Carbon Trust certified.
  • 100% Recyclable at End of Life.