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The UK economy may still be struggling and consumer confidence may be waning, but the manufacturing industry continues to play a vital role in leading UK’s economic recovery. Conor Sugrue, General Manager at UK’s largest wheeled bin manufacturer MGB Plastics, discusses why continued investment and innovation in manufacturing processes such as injection moulding is crucial to the immediate and long-term success of the UK manufacturing industry despite the economic imbalances we currently face. Despite the gloom and doom headlines that we see today, manufacturing in the UK is still very much alive. Maybe the output levels and employment may have changed drastically over the last
few decades, but the UK still continues to lead the way globally in innovation, specialised technical skills and knowledge base.

As we emerge from a slowing economy combined with factors such as the continued growth and threat of the emerging economies of countries such as China and India, there is no doubt that there remain plenty of hurdles for the UK’s manufacturing sectors. However, where there are challenges, there are also huge opportunities. And those companies who adapt to these will be the ones who will benefit both in the short and long-term while helping to lead the UK recovery. As is so often the case, continued growth and competitiveness is the result of a willingness to embrace and adapt to change. Small process changes will be good for the immediate term but to make a real impact and to stay competitive long-term, it requires wholesale and wholehearted changes from business.

At MGB Plastics, we have taken a holistic approach to our supply chain and how to adapt the market conditions to our customer needs. Injection moulding is one such example. Its importance to UK manufacturing cannot be understated. Highly skilled, advanced manufacturing such as injection moulding is very important to the UK as it provides employment to skilled technicians in the UK, grows the UK economy as well as providing business to local suppliers. A moulded component can be made in a single operation and because of this the marketplace is very competitive, and the reason why the UK injection moulding industry has come under strong pressure, particularly from Eastern Europe and China.

At MGB Plastics, we took the approach of being diverse and adaptable to be able to compete with the threat of overseas competition. We undertook a review of our core injection moulding processes and to respond and adapt to meet the needs of our customers we had to invest in machinery that would allow us to manufacture efficiently.

Sustaining investment in modern machining is very important to MGB as it gives us the most advanced, modern, energy-efficient machines which allows us offer our customers the most competitive prices, highest quality and best customer service.

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