Lambeth Project

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During September-October 2013, MGB Plastics delivered on schedule to residents addresses, in the busy London Borough of Lambeth some 41,000 x 2 wheeled bins.
At the same time MGB Plastics had to collect all 240L bins that the 140L bins were replacing. The 240L bins were recycled by MGB Plastics and in a closed loop system were eventually being redelivered in the new 140L bins. This recycling practice is one of MGB Plastics many services offering sustainability and energy efficiencies.

MGB General Manager Ross Schofield managed the project & added:

This was a particularly challenging project on paper due to the complexity of collecting old wheeled bins & replacing them with a very address specific size of new bin & caddies, however following several detailed planning sessions between all parties involved the project achieved excellent accuracy levels & was completed on time to the delight of the client. Furthermore this project was fantastic for ‘Green Credentials’ as we collected & recycled several hundred tonnes of plastic, all under the control of MGB