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The UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins has invested in a dedicated new visitor centre to help educate local authorities, businesses and schools on the vital everyday role they can play in tackling the UK’s waste management issues.

MGB Plastics has opened a new facility at its head office and hopes to connect local councils, business partners and schools across the UK as part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability. The wider aim of the visitor centre is to act as an educational resource for its clients, business partners and schools across the UK by engaging with them via a common theme of waste management. Conor Sugrue, general manager at MGB Plastics, based in Rotherham, said: "Considerable time and money has been invested in a visitor centre that helps people experience and understand the process of how waste management products are created.

“It will display our product range and showcase our manufacturing process and quality testing and allows customers to visit our manufacturing site which is the largest in the UK. As a manufacturer, we understand the role we play in helping UK tackle its recycling targets. So, the wider aim is that this visitor centre becomes a facility that connects the industry, from customers, suppliers and schools across the UK and show them what role they can play.”

“We would like the centre to host meetings by local authorities, waste and recycling organisations. In offering visitors a chance to take a closer look at the whole manufacturing process, and showing them how businesses like MGB Plastics are leading the agenda we hope its creates a desire from everyone to do their bit. The underlying message we would like coming from the centre is the importance of recycling and make schools and local authorities think about how they can play their part in contributing to the environment.”

“We will allow the use of the centre to local schools and authorities with the aim that the more we make our children understand and educate the importance of waste management from an early age the more they can contribute as they get older.”

The new Visitor Centre is the latest in a series of major investments made by MGB Plastics over the last few months aimed at connecting it closer to those involved in the waste management industry. The visitor centre is open five days a week from 9am to 5pm. For more information on MGB Plastics please visit the company website (

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Operating from a modern manufacturing facility in Rotherham, MGB Plastics has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 1 million wheeled bins per annum. In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins and kitchen caddies, we also have a dedicated “in-house” distribution team that have been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 4 million wheeled bins to households throughout the UK. MGB Plastics Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of One51plc. For further information on One51plc, please visit the website at