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Much like the other industries around the world, waste management and recycling doesn’t sleep. At IPL, we like to keep our clients up-to-date with the latest news and information from IPL and the industry in which we function.

Our Brexit Proof Solution

Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic Head-On

Ecosort® Recycling Bin

What is an Ecosort® Recycling Bin? The EcoSort® Recycling System provides an aesthetic, flexible, functional and easy to use solution for collecting recyclable materials in the workplace. Our EcoSort® range includes a 60-Litre Midi and a 70-Litre Maxi, both of which are completely interchangeable and come with a variety of lid options as well as a wide range of colour and graphical options. This versatility allows for the creation of a truly unique and uniquely customised recycling solution to fit any workplace environment. Midi in size, Maxi in recycling. Since the EcoSort® has such a...

Love Food, Hate Waste

Introduction In an ever expanding world, the demand and production of food goods is continually growing. From Italian grapes in our fruit bowls, to the rice in your cupboard from India. The journey food takes to get to our homes is commonly a lengthy and expensive one- with the cost of growing/ processing, packaging and transporting goods Producing food requires significant resources this includes; land, energy and water, with the global food system generating 25-30% of total Greenhouse Gas emissions, and agricultural supply chains using 70% of global freshwater resources. When we waste...

Garden Waste

What is Garden Waste? Garden waste, also known as “green/biological waste,” is organic waste that can be composted. Most commonly, this waste is comprised of garden refuse such as grass trimmings, leaves, flowers, weeds and twigs. Garden waste, if correctly dealt with can be used as a fertiliser. This occurs when garden waste schemes are put in place, ensuring correct disposal and use of this waste. How Garden Waste breaks down in landfills. In landfills, Garden Waste is generally compacted down and covered. This means the waste breaks down without the presence of oxygen, which in turn...

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