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Dennis Eagle will integrate a heavy duty hybrid electric propulsion system into a low-entry cab truck, according to an agreement with BAE Systems Defence and Technology Company. Company spokesmen say the new system will introduce significantly lower emissions and better fuel efficiency, and will reduce noise pollution. At this year’s IFAT ENTSORGA, Faun introduced the revised Rotopress ‘Dualpower’ RCV, claiming a fuel saving of up to 33% and lower noise emissions down to 91dbA.They also displayed the new ‘Filter’ dust particle filtration package available on Faun Viajet truck-mounted sweepers.

Terasen Gas and Waste Management BC announced that 30 new CNG trucks have been purchased to collect waste and recycling in the Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas. The trucks were delivered in January, 2011 as part of the effort to improve air quality and reach sustainability goals. Transport, collection and plant correspondent Malcolm Bates, from Waste Management World magazine became the first journalist to test drive the new 500ze ‘zero emissions’ vacuum sweeper from Green Machines. It is the first battery-operated sweeper capable of working an 8-hour shift. Malcolm Bates reports that a new zero emissions electric refuse truck was introduced by PVI at the Pollutec exhibition in Lyon, France. Terberg also premiered the next generation of itsOmni line of electric bin lifts, the new OmniDEL and OmniDELe.

The BT551, a fuel efficient ‘slim’ sweeper suitable for narrow city streets, was released by Johnson Sweepers. The Caterpillar D&E crawler dozer performs well in landfills and shows significant reduction in the use of fuel. The electric drive system is able to take a heavy load without putting added strain on the diesel engine.

Recycling News

The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management is re-thinking how to collect biodegradable waste. This valuable resource should not end up in landfills, as so often happens with kerbside collection. They propose using under sink disposers that work by grinding food into small particles that can pass through pipes and be treated along with sewage by anaerobic digesters.

A series of Mercedes-Benz trucks purchased by TGM Environment will be used to collect bales of paper and cardboard weighing up to 600kg. The London paper recycling company has also entered into a five-year repair and maintenance contract with Mercedes-Benz.

JCB has introduced a new Materials Handler (MH), the JS20MH available with either a fixed or a hydraulically raised cab. The newly designed slew gearbox of this 20 tonne machine gives better control throughout a 360-degree lift. It is fitted with a 5.7m straight boom and either a 4m gooseneck dipper for scrap applications, or a 3m straight dipper for general waste materials. E waste is a growing problem due to the complex make-up of electronic devices and some materials that leach toxic chemicals into the environment. Consumers wanting to retire used electronics have few options. Enter the EcoATM, kiosks developed by coinstar. The machines visually and electronically scan used devices such as mobile phones, establish the value of the materials, and pay consumers for recycling them. The products are then either sold to secondary markets or recycled to reclaim their components.

Metal recycling operations across the UK will benefit from the purchase of over 20 Sennebogen rehandlers. The 830 M handler has a 17 metre reach, an 800 litre five tyne grab, and many safety systems. The Sims Group UK is the first specialist in metals and electronic recycling to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard.

Waste collection vacuum system

A new vacuum system by Envac UK Ltd will enable London’s Sporting Village Development to cut carbon emissions for waste removal by 90% and increase recycling to over 40%. The waste from Sporting Village will be removed to SELCHP, a power plant in Lewisham, for use in generating energy for the community.

Coping with snow

With snowfall only sporadic in Britain but problematic when it comes, Johnson Sweepers proposes a solution. A quick mounting winter pack for use with Johnson’s C400 midsize and CN101 sub compact sweepers will enable the equipment to be used for clearing the streets of snow. A snow plough is now available to attach to the C400 in about twenty minutes, and can be removed just as quickly. The CN101 can be fitted with a snow blade and a grit spreader.

Waste collection becomes especially difficult when snow and ice cover the roads, especially if drivers are forced to abandon vehicles in a storm, as happened in Ireland this year. A smaller vehicle is needed to negotiate tight rural and city streets. Malcolm Bates test drove the Multicar M-30 demonstrator fitted with a Fieldler gritter hopper body and a 2.4m wide angled snowplough during harsh winter conditions. The Multicar combines heavy-duty construction, hydraulics, and 4X4 transmission to handle the job. This smaller vehicle is able to manoeuvre in tight areas and has a compaction waste/recyclables collection body.

Radioactive waste to be moved across Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that 600 tonnes of radioactive waste has been reclassified from hazard to safe for disposal in landfill. The waste is to be transported across the city and placed in a landfill near Penrith.

Retrofit for vehicle weighing

RCV operators must avoid overloading or under loading vehicles. The first violates the law, increases fuel consumption, risks damage to the truck, and is a safety hazard. The second wastes both time and fuel for extra trips. Newer trucks come with weighing systems, but older trucks need to be retro-fitted. Vehicle Weighing Systems, which retrofits RCVs to keep them safe and legal, has expanded its manufacturing base in Reading and its service hub in Oldham, and installed an extensive new workshop in Chesterfield to meet increased demand.

Better wheelie bins

MGB Plastics has produced an improved wheelie bin and is now delivering 50,000 to UK customers. The new bin has a strengthened front rim and is created with both new and recycled plastic. Its smooth interior makes for easy clean-up. The company also has a new kitchen bin with a tight lid. MGB Plastics – committed to waste management and recycling.

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Operating from a modern manufacturing facility in Rotherham, MGB Plastics has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 1 million wheeled bins per annum. In addition to manufacturing wheeled bins and kitchen caddies, we also have a dedicated “in-house” distribution team that have been responsible for the delivery of in excess of 4 million wheeled bins to households throughout the UK.

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